Creativity Escape Room
Master of Universe
Set of 2 to 6 people for 89.00€ Oferta 53.00€

About game

Here you will find out what was the special power and hidden knowledge of the ancient civilisations trough their constructions, creativity and art!

The Creativity Game is located in Puerto de Andratx at the Liedtke Museum - a museum that has the shape of a brain from an aerial view.

Here your skills will be put to the test and you will have a chance to solve the ancient riddles of our culture. If you want to know the secrets of the Stone Age cave paintings or why Stonehenge and the Pyramids were built or what is keeping us from making paradise of our earth then look back at the enigma of these ancient cultures and discover a simple but ingenious formula in the mystery room. The formula is waiting for you.

Spark your creativity by seeing and understanding. 

Solve the 13 great mysteries of the universe with the formula of the Liedtke Museum in Puerto de Andratx.
After this quest, nothing is as it once was.

The dissolution of the old riddles brings the highest life-profit for you and your health:
Now you can reshape yourself and your future.
Now understand the world by really seeing it.
Book your quest for success, the key to your creative chamber is waiting for you.


You and your friends have the unique opportunity to sneak into a gallery in the center of the universe and uncover the result of 40-year long research proving the connection between ancient civilizations  knowledge about medicine, motivation, changing dna and occurring of superpowers. Be careful the spark of creativity in your brain can happen in a matter of seconds ! You only have 45 minutes before the master of the universe  comes back and calls the police to throw you in jail for a robbery attempt. Hurry up! The secret will be shared only with the chosen one!

How to play

Real life escape room, that will bring you back to the cave era and guide you through the life of the ancient civilizations. You will be locked and your mental skills will be tested.

You have to find the way back.
The time will stop for 45 minutes.

Don’t think that will be easy!
The secret of the humanity is well hidden and could be found only from the chosen one!


Calle Olivera, 35
La Mola, Puerto de Andratx
Close to Liedtke Museum

  • game@game.liedtke-museum.com
  • + 34 971 67 47 13

  • open May - October:
    Escaperoom 9h-17h with online reservation

    open November-April:
    Escaperoom 9h-17h with online reservation

    Online reservation:
    Events Fiestas: www.cultevent.info
    Escaperoom: www.game.liedtke-museum.com

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